Panum Crater Sunset

Panum Crater at sunset

Panum Crater, on the south side of Mono Lake, at the north end of Mono Craters, is one of the newest additions to the volcanic landscape of the American west (under 700 years old). The smooth rim of the crater and the jagged plug in the middle offer great views in all directions. Sunset is a nice time to be there.

Panum Crater at sunset

Peak 12,568, between Mt. Gibbs (hidden) and Mt. Dana (right).

Panum Crater at sunset

The Minarets (left) and Mount Ritter/Banner Peak
(right, appearing as one).
Panum Crater at sunset
Panum Crater at sunset

Looking north, across Mono Lake to the Bodie Hills.

Panum Crater at sunset


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  1. bluebrightly says:

    These very minimalist landscapes are beautiful.

  2. Mr ou Mme LAVEAUX Henri says:

    We went through Benton, we liked it and made a lot of beautiful photos

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