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Bodie, on Film for a Change

I haven’t shot film at Bodie in, well, decades. So, with a recently acquired YashikaMat EM, I wanted to see how a different camera (a twin lens reflex so very different from a DSLR, mirrorless Fuji, Light L-16, or iPhone) … Continue reading

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Moonless Night Skies, with Film

The RB-67 is loaded, focused, and waiting for nightfall. It seems like everyone is shooting star trails these days, by stacking lots and lots of several-minute digital exposures. It’s easy. I do it too. It’s very cool, very technical, and … Continue reading

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Moonless Night Skies

I’m just not a night-owl, so it’s hard for me to get motivated to stay up late enough for night photos. But it’s getting dark earlier now, and the camping trip planned for last weekend just happened to be during … Continue reading

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