Pinnacles Rain Camp: New Idria Road

Pinnacles Camp

Oooh, it’s going to rain most of next week, let’s go camping! Of course, nobody knew this was going to be a rain week (3rd week in March) back when the annual Photo Boyz Adventure venue was moved from Sugarloaf Ridge State Park (much of which burned last October) to Pinnacles National Park. But this is California, where in spite of the 2016-17 mega-winter, we’ve come to expect drought conditions most of the time.

New Idria Road

So the first full day, instead of hiking in the rain, we took a drive out along New Idria Road, through the remote and scenic valleys and hills of central San Benito County.

New Idria Road

New Idria Road

New Idria Road

New Idria Road

New Idria Road  New Idria Road

But we didn’t make it to New Idria. Just beyond this point the road became muddy and looked unsafe, so we turned around and headed back the way we came . . .

New Idria Road

Panoche Inn

. . . and enjoyed lunch at the Panoche Inn.

Pinnacles CampLater, back at camp, the fire was well protected from the downpour by a photographer’s studio umbrella.


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