Morning Fog

Yolo Basin

It seems that morning fog is less common in our valley now than it used to be. Although it’s a hazard for driving, it also brings a nice change of scene for photography. It’s been foggy here lately after the rain several days ago. These were all taken in the Yolo Basin using the Light L16.

Yolo Basin

Yolo Basin

Yolo Basin

Yolo Basin  Yolo Basin Yolo BasinYolo Basin

Being a managed wetland, this place is plumbed for holding and releasing water in each of the ponds and ditches. Tiny differences in elevation allow water to flow by gravity through gates and culverts as needed. Yolo BasinYolo Basin

This thing is a drain through which water flows into the culverts seen in the preceding photo. It could also be an acoustic art installation, with little sloshes of multiple wavelengths flowing into the drain. Listen (44 sec. audio):


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