High Runoff in Hot Springs Creek

Hot Springs Creek

At Grover Hot Springs State Park a couple of weeks ago, spring runoff was in full swing and it’s the highest water I’ve ever seen in Hot Springs Creek.

Hot Springs Creek

It was a nice opportunity to prop the camera against a tree and make exposures of 1/8 to 1/4 second to show the water in motion. Too bad these don’t also capture the roar of the falls and the feel of the spray.

Hot Springs Creek

Mountain alders in Hot Springs Creek.

Hot Springs Creek

Looking upstream from the campground bridge.

Rainfall maps from NOAA show that precipitation in Alpine County during this water year (since last October 1) has been over 200% of average. During just this calendar year (since January 1), precipitation has been over 300% of average! High runoffs will continue for a while as warming temperatures melt a lot of that much-above-average snow pack.

The new checklist, Plants of Hot Springs Valley and Grover Hot Springs State Park, Alpine County, California is available for download HERE.

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