Deer Creek Hills Preserve

Deer Creek Hills Preserve

Deer Creek Hills Preserve, just north of Rancho Murietta in eastern Sacramento County (California), is open for visitors to walk the trails on Saturday mornings in spring and fall (see the Events calendar at Sacramento Valley Conservancy to register). This was my first visit, last weekend, and probably not the last.

Deer Creek Hills Preserve

It’s a gently rolling landscape.Deer Creek Hills Preserve

North Pond

Deer Creek Hills Preserve

Blue Oaks (Quercus douglassii), a California endemic

Deer Creek Hills Preserve

Lupinus bicolor, a small annual lupine

Deer Creek Hills Preserve

Another common spring annual, Butter-and-Eggs or Johnny-Tuck (Triphysaria eriantha … used to be an Orthocarpus)Deer Creek Hills Preserve

A seasonal stream

Deer Creek Hills Preserve

More blue oaksDeer Creek Hills Preserve

A large vernal pool



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  1. Wm. David Dawson says:

    Beautiful shots, Tim.



  2. Alan B. says:

    Lovely photos, Tim. It looks like a really nice area.

    Thanks for sharing!

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