Glowing Words in the Landscape

For several months I’ve been following and enjoying the Photoshop artistry of Victoria Siemer, a.k.a. “Witchoria.” You can see some of her work on Tumblr, Instagram, Behance, Society6, and Facebook. I especially like her “Illuminated” series, in which she adds glowing text—often resembling neon signs— to what appear to be night-time photographs. So when I saw that she was going to do a webcast for Adobe’s Creative Cloud Events to demonstrate her technique, I jumped at the opportunity to see how she does this. (And since I occasionally do visual simulations showing night-time lighting of proposed building projects for my work, this was also legitimate “training” time!)

Since then, I’ve played around with this a bit, incorporated Witchoria’s methods into my  Photoshop workflow, using my own images, with some different ideas about what the glowing text could “say.” Here are a few examples . . . .

38.30N 123.07W

Who Built This Wall?

No Vacancy

Not In Service


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  1. gjanee says:

    Neat! And how amazing that there’s always somebody out there with a new idea.

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