Seeing in Sixes (Times Two)

Quiet Hour Quiet Hour in the Mannequin Asylum

I was delighted to learn several weeks ago that one of my submissions was accepted into the first Seeing in Sixes book, just published this month (September 2016) by LensWork Publishing in Anacortes, Washington.  Fifty sets of 6 images were chosen for publication, out of nearly 1,600 submissions. Then I checked my emails more closely and realized—actually, both of my submissions were going to be published. OMG! (as my daughter would say). Only two other photographers would have two sets published.

Church WindowsChurch Windows (from the series, Reflecting on Bodie)

Many thanks to Brooks Jensen and Maureen Gallagher at Lenswork for their kind consideration of my work, and for printing another amazingly high-quality book, similar to (but much thicker than) the issues of LensWork Magazine and the LensWork Monographs.

The mannequin images I submitted are the first six in the “Quiet Hour in the Mannequin Asylum” gallery on my website, here. A related group I call “The Family of Mannequin” is here. The Bodie images I submitted are the first six in the “Reflecting on Bodie” gallery, here.

Mannequins and an abandoned place—apparently, there were many images submitted to Seeing in Sixes on these two subjects. Brooks had some insightful comments about this in his LensWork Podcast #962, Mannequins and Abandoned Places.


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3 Responses to Seeing in Sixes (Times Two)

  1. Greg says:

    What an honor! Congrats!

  2. John Durnan says:

    Way to go, Tim, although I’m not surprised one bit. As I said before those two series are absolutely incredible, and I’m so glad that you submitted them. Now, so many others can see your amazing work. Keep pushing it, Tim. You’ve really have it! Congrats!

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