Spring Hike on the Redbud Trail

Redbud Trail

A couple of weeks ago I joined some friends for a hike along western part of the Redbud Trail in BLM’s Cache Creek Natural Area in Lake County, California. Much of this area was burned last August (2015) in the Rocky Fire, which encompassed more than 69,000 acres. Although much of the burned area was severely scorched, the fire was patchy along this part of the Redbud Trail, and much of the vegetation is recovering. And the wildflowers, this first spring after the fire, after a not-too-dry winter, are spectacular.

Burned OaksOaks after the fire. Some are sprouting new growth from branches
that survived the flames.

Castilleja exsertaCastilleja exserta, Purple Owl’s Clover Collinsia heterophyllaCollinsia heterophylla, Chinese HousesTriteleia laxaTriteleia laxa, Ithuriel’s SpearCalochortus amabilisCalochortus amabilis,  Golden Globelily / Diogenes Lantern / Golden Fairy LanternCalochortus luteusCalochortus luteus, Yellow Mariposa Lily Along the trailThe trees burned here, but the annuals and perennial herbs are enjoying the sunlight.Not burnedA few gullies and hillsides escaped the flames.Sidalcea diploscyphaSidalcea diploscypha, Fringed CheckermallowErysimum capitatumErysimum capitatum, Western WallflowerClarkia purpureaClarkia purpurea, Winecup Clarkia Wilderness boundaryEntering Cache Creek WildernessCache CreekDuring the summer you can wade across Cache Creek and continue hiking. Not today!!


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  1. iheartflora says:

    I made it there! Thank you so much for recommending this hike – the C. amabilis & C. luteus blooms were incredible and breathtaking. I also spotted some C. superbus, I think. I also drove on to the Bay Area and went to Ring Mountain to see C. tiburonensis!

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