Chemung Mine

Chemung Mine, in the northern Bodie Hills, is much smaller than Bodie, but no less photogenic. While Bodie, however, is maintained in a “state of arrested decay” as a State Historic Park, Chemung Mine is unprotected and decay is definitely progressing.

Cheming MineCheming MineCheming Mine

There’s very little to be found on-line about the Chemung Mine. The best source I’ve found so far is an article on the Masonic Mining District in the 2004 Newsletter of the Mono County Historical Society:

“In 1909, rich ore was found 3 miles west of [Masonic Gulch]. The strike became known as the Chemung Mine. …

During 1920, the Chemung was extracting both low and high grade ore, but operations were held back by the prevailing high prices of mining materials. With a recession and the low price of gold, it was not cost-effective to ship ore to the smelter. The closest working mill was in Bodie and the road from Masonic had become difficult to use. …

The Chemung had been a good producer, but it always seemed to be in endless litigation battles for various reasons. Three different mills were built and torn down. There were 20 men working the property in 1938, but the mine was shut down a year later. Elton “Heinie” Heinemeyer worked the Chemung during the 1950’s & 60’s, but he never struck it big.”

Cheming Mine  Cheming Mine   Cheming MineCheming Mine

Cheming Mine

At least the miners had great views. This is looking north from Chemung Mine toward the Sweetwater Mountains:

View from Cheming Mine

Sadly, this historic site is unprotected, and it seems to be a popular playground for rifle-toting vandals:

Cheming Mine

Cheming Mine


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