Plants of the Bodie Hills

Apparently I don’t have quite enough to do, because I’ve started another blog. The Plants of the Bodie Hills blog ( is a spin-off from another project I’m working on—an update and new edition of the Bodie Hills Flora I wrote over 3 decades ago for my MA thesis at Humboldt State University.

Ionactis alpinaIt’s sort of technical—I’m updating the scientific nomenclature for the plants, a lot of which have changed in 33 years. I’m also combing through on-line databases of herbarium specimens to find species collected in the Bodie Hills that I didn’t see during my field work. And I’ll be visiting the area a few times this year for some more plant hunting and photography.

I hope to make a fist edition of this plant list available as an e-book late this year. Eventually, I’d like to include keys for identifying the plants, but that’s a huge additional effort, so that will come later.

Meanwhile, one can’t undertake a project like this without running into other interesting tidbits on the geology, history, and geography of the area. For me, that’s nearly half the fun of it, so in this new blog I’ll be sharing items of interest on “Botany and Natural History in the Bodie Hills and Beyond.”

So, if you’re interested in the eastern Sierra Nevada, Mono County, and the Great Basin, come take a look!

Sierra Nevada from Aurora Canyon Road

Looking west from the Bodie Hills to the Sierra Nevada


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