Minimalist Wayfinding

The Social Science and Humanities building at UC Davis is one of my favorite buildings to photograph. It’s close to home and this jumble of geometric masses and spaces does interesting things with light, color, and shadow. The building is unusual. It’s been described as “bizarre, perplexing, impractical and brilliant”. I had yet to photograph it in my current phase of playing around with Hipstamatic, so last week I went there again, iPhone ready for action.


But the wayfinding system—the signs that tell people where to find the rooms they’re looking for—seems deliberately, even defiantly minimalist here, at least on the outside of the building.

Minimalist Wayfinding

No Message TodayIsn’t something amiss when the people who use an expensive public building find it necessary to tape makeshift signs on windows and walls throughout the facility to help unlucky visitors find their way? Can this really be how the architect wanted his building to appear?

Makeshift Wayfinding


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    Some common sense here along with some surperb photos

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