Retired Mannequins (2)

So many of the retired mannequins at Continental Display have brooding, even sinister expressions on their fiberglass or plastic  faces. They’ve been confined too long in too close quarters, I suppose. And most are no longer wearing the garments they once displayed. Yes, these are creepy, but that makes them all the more amusing.

IMG_3261b-mannequins IMG_3314b-mannequins IMG_3422b-mannequins IMG_3512b-Mannequin_out_of_Cage IMG_3515b-Mannequins_in_Cage IMG_3569b-Mannequin_out_of_Uniform IMG_3575b-Mannequin_with_splitting_headache

Continental Display was what my friends call a “target rich environment” for photography, and I came away with far more “keepers” than I can post on the blog, so I’m adding more of them to a gallery here, on Flickr.

Retired Mannequins

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