Vintage Cars in Williams (3)

The rusty old cars at Big M Automotive in Woodland look good in color, too. There was also a disheveled old patio umbrella, and some bedding in the back of a station wagon. Hipstamatic again, on the iPhone 5, John S lens and Ina’s 1969 film, with final adjustments in Lightroom.

Big M Automotive Big M Automotive Big M Automotive Big M Automotive

One of my favorite photo-bloggers is Phil Kneen, a professional photographer on the Isle of Man—a bit of the United Kingdom out in the Irish Sea. His comments today on why he shoots film so often, in addition to using digital, explain perfectly what I feel when shooting with the iPhone, in addition to using a DSLR: “I shoot differently when I have a film camera in my hand, everything flows differently….” Things do flow differently with an iPhone in my hand, and the images I make have a different feel. I like that.

Big M Automotive

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  1. Alan B says:

    Love the grungy feel of these. Perfect for the subjects.

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