Snow in Bodie

A couple of weeks ago (on 9/27/2014) I volunteered to help with a fence removal project on National Public Lands Day at Bodie State Historic Park. More on that to follow, but the day before the event, it rained most of the night where I was camping, in Lee Vining. Fifteen hundred feet higher, in Bodie (at 8,300 feet), it was snowing. The first snow of the season. Three inches of beautiful, soft powder.

Snow in the Bodie Hills

The snow-covered Bodie Hills from Lee Vining, looking across
Mono Lake and Black Point.

Snow on Mt. Biedeman

Mt. Biedeman (a.k.a. Mt. Biederman) from the road into Bodie from US 395.

The road into Bodie, a mile from the entrance

On the last mile of the road into Bodie.

Snow in Bodie

The town and Bodie Bluff, waking up to the first snow of the season.

Snow in Bodie

The Standard Mill.

Snow on Bodie Bluff

Bodie Bluff and sagebrush weighted down with snow.

It was just barely freezing and most of the show melted during the day, but light snow continued to fall (and melt) during most of the day. Winters in Bodie are notoriously severe, long, and cold for this latitude. The weather on this day was barely a hint of what it could be like here a few months from now.


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