Empty Nesters Now

I don’t usually blog about family, but this comes by way of special request. Recently, Margy and I moved our daughter Christina into her new digs at California State University Monterey Bay. (Look out, Rosie, we have an “Otter” in the family now!) It’s a big transition. She’s full of excitement, as well as some trepidation, but she’s ready for it. It seems like a fine school, and since I lived in nearby Carmel for years as a kid, visiting her at CSUMB will be almost like going home. And it warms this old botanist’s heart to see her majoring in Environmental Studies!

Christina with friend

Christina with a friend, 2004.


Christina in Chicago, 2010

In Chicago, 2010.


In the dorm

In the residence hall at CSUMB, 2014.

Peter has been attending American River College in Sacramento for a couple of years. He’s been a song-and-dance man since the age of 2½, so it’s no surprise that his considerable energies are focused entirely on musical theater — acting, dancing, choreography, and production.  He plans to move on to a performing arts college for more intensive training in this field.

Peter dancing, BTC, 2007

Peter dancing at Berkeley Tuolumne Camp, 2007

So the old nest is empty most of the time, now. Are we sitting around wondering what to do? Hardly. Work still takes up most of our time, but we’re reclaiming the garage—no longer used as a dance studio—and we’re planning more weekend outings. You’re likely to see more new photographs here soon.


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  1. Alan Barnard says:

    Congratulations, you made it! 🙂

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    so nice!

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