Prints of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp: Update 2

Update January 2014: Total profits from print sales donated to FOBTC in 2013 totaled $2,750!
Print sales of my Berkeley Tuolumne Camp photos have greatly surpassed expectations! I’m donating the profits from these sales to Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp (FOBTC) to support their efforts toward rebuilding the Camp, which was burned in the Rim Fire last August. To date, I’ve been able to send over $1,400 to FOBTC!

Rebuilding the Camp will be a lengthy and complicated process, carried out mostly by the City of Berkeley in close coordination with the US Forest Service, Tuolumne County, and other agencies. FOBTC has an important role too, in giving campers loyal to BTC a voice in this process and in helping to coordinate volunteer support.

So, BTC campers, if you haven’t done so already, think “holiday gifts” and peruse the images in the Store. These are available in a variety of sizes. Orders and fulfillment are handled through my web site by Mpix. Thanks!


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