Print Sales to Help Rebuild Berkeley Tuolumne Camp

BTC-Dining Hall
There’s quite a community of folks coming together, both in the Bay Area and on-line, to encourage and support the idea of rebuilding Berkeley Tuolumne Camp. This family camp near Yosemite, loved by thousands of campers over the past 90 years, was mostly destroyed in the Rim Fire on August 25, 2013. Although the City of Berkeley’s fire insurance will cover part of the cost, the long process of cleanup, planning, permitting, and rebuilding will no doubt need additional financial support. Many ideas are circulating for ways to raise funds, and I’ve decided to chip in by donating the profits from sales of my BTC photographs to the Friends of Berkeley Tuolumne Camp.

BTC-Tent in Sun CityThe way this works is that print orders go directly to Mpix Labs, a high-quality printing service. They collect the fees, prepare the print from my file, and send it directly to the purchaser (or other delivery address), generally in a few days. They send me an email to let me know who has placed an order and what image was purchased. They deposit the profit from the sale (after their costs and fees) into my account at Zenfolio (my web site host). I will then pass this on to Friends of BTC as periodic donations.

BTC-Beneath DogwoodsReaders on the “Rebuild Berkeley Tuolumne Camp” Facebook page have asked for note cards—a great idea—so I hope to have a set or two of cards available soon.  Meanwhile, check out the Store on my web site, start thinking about holiday gifts, and help build a future for BTC!

BTC-River Rock and Foliage

BTC-Night Sky


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  1. Mick says:

    Such heartbreakingly wonderful pictures. Thank you for giving them back to the BTC community!

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