Endeavoring to See the Space Shuttle over Sacramento

This morning I learned that the Space Shuttle Endeavour would be flying over California’s capitol (a few blocks from my office in Sacramento) on its way to retirement at a museum in Los Angeles. So I grabbed my camera and joined thousands of other spectators filling lawns and sidewalks along Capitol Mall and around the Capitol building.

Thinking that “over the Capitol” meant that it should be flying OVER the Capitol BUILDING, I positioned myself on the north side for a dramatic view of the aircraft AND the building. A few hundred other people liked this spot too.

Others were perched in higher positions in hotel rooms and parking garages.

Then suddenly it was here. There were whoops and hollers from the rooftops. But Endeavour passed several blocks west of the Capitol and from where I was, it was hidden behind trees.

But we had a second chance. It turned around somewhere north of town and passed over the city again, this time a half mile or so east of the Capitol. Again mostly, but not completely, behind trees.

Not quite the “money shot” that I and the Sacramento Bee photographer standing next to me were hoping for, but hey, it was a pretty cool thing to see, if only for a few seconds in the glare of the sun.

Endeavour disappeared to the southwest, on its way to the Bay Area and eventually Los Angeles.


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3 Responses to Endeavoring to See the Space Shuttle over Sacramento

  1. Lois Monfils says:

    Your mother has sent me a number of your photos which have always been exciting to see. I hope you will keep on picturing for us all the exciting, amazing and beautiful parts of our universe. Thanks!

  2. Tim Messick says:

    Hi, Lois — Thanks for visiting!

  3. Ciao Tim , what a piece of history, pity about the shot of Endeavor, till its nice to participate in all the excitement. The shots of the expectant viewers l liked.

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