Exhibits in Sacramento and Davis during August

I’m very fortunate to have a solo photography exhibit in Sacramento through the month of August. It’s in the “Poet’s Gallery”, on the walls of the Sacramento Poetry Center (1719 25th Street: enter the gate on 25th just north of the Light Rail tracks). The exhibit features photographs (mostly black & white) from some of my favorite photographic locations, all in State Parks in California and Nevada. I’ll be there for an open house during the “Second Saturday” art walk, from about 5:30 to 8:30 pm on Saturday, August 11, 2012. Please come see the show, if you can!

Also this month, I’m in a group exhibit with 6 other photo-friends at Gallery 1855 in Davis (at 820 Pole Line Road, in the lobby of the Davis Cemetery District). The seven of us get together once a month to share the latest images and ideas in our photographic lives. Each of us (Anne Miller, Dave Robertson, Rob Floerke, Rick York, Dennis McCoy, Joe Finkleman and I) has 3 images—all of them color—in this exhibit. Come visit us and see the pictures during the open house from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Sunday, August 12, 2012.

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Photographer, cartographer, and botanist/naturalist. Home is in Davis, California. Home-away-from-home is the eastern Sierra Nevada. Compiling a flora of the Bodie Hills.
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3 Responses to Exhibits in Sacramento and Davis during August

  1. Congratulations Tim. I like both the images in this post a lot. Wish I could see the whole exhibits! Perhaps you’ll post (or already have) the collections on your web site?

  2. Tim Messick says:

    Thanks, Larry. I was thinking of posting the exhibit images in a gallery on the web site later this month (not before the receptions, though!). Same with the set currently in Bozeman (which you’ve seen, of course). I’ll let you know when they’re on the site.

  3. Ciao Tim , congratulations and hope you have a wonderful opening night? Also that your work will be well liked and well reviewed.

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