After the Eclipse

The clouds that obscured the latter part of the solar eclipse at Fort Churchill on May 20 lingered until after sunset, adding some interest to the darkening sky. Here’s the view from the park museum, overlooking the ruins of the fort and trees along the distant Carson River.

Try to imagine roofs and verandas on those buildings, soldiers milling about, and flickering oil lamp light in the windows. It’s 1862, and the Pony Express came through this afternoon on the way to Carson City.

The Officer’s Quarters, after sunset.

Star trails from the campground (1 hour at f/5.6 on Kodak Portra 800,
Mamiya RB 67 and 90 mm lens).

More star trails from the campground (6 hours at f/5.6 on Kodak Portra 800,
Mamiya RB 67 and 90 mm lens).

Tim Messick Photography • Graphics
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