Work Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the annual volunteer’s “Work Weekend” at Berkeley Tuolumne Camp, near Harden Flat, west of Yosemite.  We like to help prepare costumes and props for the weekly Staff Show, and help with other repairs and clean-up to get the camp ready for summer campers. Here are a few views of camp at the end of May, 2011.

During the winter, one ponderosa pine fell across the river and damaged cabin #45. A few degrees to the right and it could have done a LOT more damage.

Another pine right beside the first fell also, taking out the frame for the swing on the beach.

Several existing tent-cabins with serious decay were torn down and completely rebuilt. That’s a HUGE job!

A tall dogwood fell onto one of the cabins. No damage done here, but it had to be removed. There were dogwood flowers on the tables in the dining hall that evening.

Another rebuilt cabin. Lucky the campers who get to spend their vacation in this one!

There will be Potatoheads in the Staff Show this year.

After the rain on Saturday night, the shadows of dogwood leaves on the inside of our tent.

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