Fiddletown Again, with a Pinhole Camera

I made a return trip to Fiddletown (Amador County, California) a couple of weeks ago, this time using my 4×5 pinhole camera.  Light in the Chew Kee Store was too dim; the exposures there would have been 2–3 hours long!  But the cloudy afternoon lighting at the old Schoolhouse and cemetery up the hill was just right. The two images below were exposed for about 2–2.5 minutes, on Ilford FP4 (ISO 125) in the Lensless Camera Manufacturing Company‘s 4×5 wide angle (3-inch focal length) camera with an f/230 pinhole.  Developing in HC-110, diluted 1:30, at 72 degrees for 14 minutes produced good negatives, which were then scanned and adjusted a bit in Lightroom.

These glass bottles and casserole lids were on a shelf outside the schoolhouse, a good test of the pinhole camera’s nearly infinite depth-of-field. The window shutter in the upper left corner moved during the exposure.

The schoolhouse front door.  Although the depth of field is infinite, the pinhole camera’s focus is a bit soft.

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