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Foggy Mornings

Rain, rain, rain; fog, fog, fog.  More rain, more fog.  It’s been a good winter so far for rainfall in central California and the snow pack in the Sierra Nevada.  But after the rain here in the Great Valley comes … Continue reading

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Collinsville Cemetery

The residents of Collinsville Cemetery look out from their portraits across the edges of the Suisun Bay marshlands, toward memories of fishing on the Sacramento River. Their names are mostly Italian — Citeralla, Lagalla, Lanciotti, Martorello, Olivieri, Scettrini, and others. … Continue reading

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Weeds in the Wetlands

Some observations of weeds from a recent ramble in the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area …. . . . → Tim Messick Photography • Graphics Copyright © 2011 Tim Messick. All rights reserved.  

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