Patchwork Photo-Quilts

“And now”, as they were so fond of saying on Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “for something completely different.”  Something I’ve been playing with recently.  We’ll see where it leads.





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About Tim Messick

Photographer, cartographer, and botanist/naturalist. Home is in Davis, California. Home-away-from-home is the eastern Sierra Nevada. Compiling a flora of the Bodie Hills.
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2 Responses to Patchwork Photo-Quilts

  1. Kathy Eyster says:

    I like these, Tim! Especially the first and second ones. The last one is too monochromatic for me (never thought I’d say that!). In the first one, you might consider sprinkling one or two other blue “squares” in other parts of the image. Have you looked at any fabric quilt patterns, by chance? My grandmother & mom have both made lots of quilts in their day. Keep at it! 🙂

  2. Tim Messick says:

    Thanks for your suggestions, Kathy. I’ve looked at a lot of quilts over the years, including those my wife has done. Hence the reference to “patchwork”, but this also derives from the “grid” concept that graphic designers often use to plan page layouts. Maybe some other descriptive words or references will come to mind.

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