Along the Carson River

The Carson River begins among the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada in Alpine County, California, south of Lake Tahoe.  It tumbles quickly down the east side of the Sierra into Carson Valley, where it becomes much wider and slower.  Passing Carson City, it turns northeast, through the narrows west of Fort Churchill, then gets halted at Lahontan Reservoir.  From here much of the river gets dispersed for irrigation, but some of the water continues on to its natural terminus at Carson Lake.

In October, there’s some nice fall color in the scattered stands of cottonwood forest along the Carson River west of Lahontan Reservoir.

Fall color along the Carson River.


Looking south into the Pine Nut Mountains.


Columnar basalt on the south side of Table Mountain.


Sagebrush and cottonwoods.  Rain approaching.


Evening at the Fort Churchill campground.


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