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The photo podcasts I listen to occasionally mention how very important it is to share your work on Flickr, if you want more people to see your work. With something over 4,000 images being uploaded to Flickr in an average MINUTE, all day long, every day, how can a few hundred of mine get that much attention?  I know, join lots of groups, etc.  So, I’ll give it a try.  Once I’ve uploaded all the blog images, I’ll probably start adding some oddballs to Flickr that don’t really fit into a blog post. Touch the image below for my Photostream.

How does Flickr fit into your on-line photo-life?

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Photographer, cartographer, and botanist/naturalist. Home is in Davis, California. Home-away-from-home is the eastern Sierra Nevada. Compiling a flora of the Bodie Hills.
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