The Old Modeling Studio

When Gladding, McBean’s Head of Design and Principal Sculptor, Ernest Kadel died unexpectedly in 1959, his colleagues decided to keep his office just the way he left it. A few objects move a bit from year to year, and the dust slowly accumulates, but the room is much the same today as on Kadel’s last day at work. Outside of Kadel’s office is the Old Modeling Studio, where many examples of architectural terra cotta by Kadel and other craftsmen are informally displayed.

Ernest Kadel’s office

Fireman’s Fund Capital

Capital, detail

A flock of dusty eagles

Busts in the Old Modeling Studio

Headless on Rodeo Drive

→ Tim Messick Photography • Graphics

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  1. Greg says:

    These are gorgeous, Tim. The lighting, the tonal balance, the textures… wow.

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