Dust Devils

Driving across Nevada in the summer, there are always dust devils.  Sometimes several are visible at once.  One place, a valley southwest of Winnemucca, along the Humboldt River north of Imlay, has had a remarkable display of dust devils every time I’ve driven through the area.  There must be an unusual confluence of soil and atmospheric conditions in this place.  Meteorological insights welcome!

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3 Responses to Dust Devils

  1. sartenada says:

    I like the first photo very much.

  2. REyster says:

    Excellent photographs. Dust Devils are common in dry sunny conditions. The ground becomes very hot resulting in very unstable conditions near the ground. The wind is the component which causes the rising air to rotate resulting in the dust devil.

  3. Tamia Nelson says:

    These are lovely shots, Tim. Dust devils are formed in vertically stacked cyclonic winds, similar to tornadoes, but usually not damaging to anything but the works of cameras and the zippers on North Face VE-24 tents.

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