Anonymous Collaboration

Two more from last weekend. This art is a collaboration with someone I’ve never met.  That someone painted and distressed these metal surfaces and abandoned them to the elements so Nature could add some rust.  I arrived with my camera, rendered them into pixels, cropped and made subtle changes in Photoshop, and selected these two as the best of a bunch. Now here they are on the internet.



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Photographer, cartographer, and botanist/naturalist. Home is in Davis, California. Home-away-from-home is the eastern Sierra Nevada. Compiling a flora of the Bodie Hills.
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3 Responses to Anonymous Collaboration

  1. Rick says:

    Looks line fine art to me. Well composed and seen. How about bringing some of these to the next print night?

  2. Kathy Eyster says:

    Tim, These have echoes of Brooks Jensen’s project of photographing graffiti in the old bunkers…Wakarimasen: I Don’t Understand. Have you considered b&w versions as he did?

    Really enjoying your blog!


  3. Ursula says:

    Wonderful and very interesting! Yes, I think Rick is right…it’d be terrific to have you bring some to print night! But let us know when you do, don’t want to miss it!

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